Why should you plant your church/ministry online with Churches Aid?

To us at Churches Aid…it’s a NO BRAINER! Innocent But if you need further proof, please read the following…Click here for testimonial video

The #1 question asked on Google is, “WHO IS GOD?” Do you have the answer to that question?


In a monthly view of U.S. Internet activity for top parent companies and web brands, The Nielsen Company found that the average time users spend using Facebook per month grew nearly 10%, topping seven hours. Additionally, the number of those actively using the web grew 3.8%, to slightly more than 203 million users.  If we recognize that there is an average of 4 Sundays per month that people can attend church and those services average 1 hour, we can conclude that people are spending almost 2 church services per week listening to the voice of the world! Those numbers are derived just from one site and doesn’t include: Google, Yahoo, and YouTube to name a few! The most shocking statistic is that the average person spends 13 hours per week online (2009 study by Harrison Interactive)! This number compared to the amount of time spent in church of 1 hour or 0 hours per week is staggering to say the least! Churches Aid believes that the online social voice has a foundation derived from peer pressure and from the knowledge of a worldly view. A view that is not coming from the Truth found in the Word of God.  The Church, as a whole, must position itself in front of the audience that spends 13 hours a week in front of the computer!

In America, many denominations have declined in worship attendance and membership for decades. Some churches have closed; others have fewer people attending. Over these same decades, however, internet usage has exploded. Since 1990 the internet has grown by 100 percent every year. This opens the possibility of using a live video stream to invite new people to worship and enable current attendees who are sick or out of town to worship with their local church. More and more churches are adding video to their recordings. In these days of YouTube, streaming TV and movies, being able to see in addition to hearing the worship service is more affordable and accessible to churches of all sizes. The internet is a medium for connecting with a new generation of worshippers.

With more than 110 million Americans never or rarely attending church, it’s critical that we cross cultural walls and barriers to reach the lost! Don’t let the World Wide Web be a wall or barrier for you!

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." JESUS in Matthew 24:14